50 Cents makes millions with Bitcoins

50 cent Bitcoin millionaire

50 Cent would be long again apparently alone through his Bitcoin revenue millionaire. The drought years belong to the past but long again when the rapper and businessman. 50 Penny has to turn the tide since its insolvency and should for example 60 Have made millions of dollars with the sale of shares in monkey vodka. But also the rapid rise of crypto-currency Bitcoin owes 50 Cents a beautiful pole money.

50 Penny has the year 2014 flirted with the currency - and in prophetic foresight as a means of payment for the album “Animal ambition” accepted. Thus he was the first rapper ever, the album you could buy with Bitcoin, as reported by TMZ. Supposedly has 50 Cents at the time as a whole 700 Bitcoins will receive as payment. At this time, the course should at 662 Dollars have been, What round 463.000 $ Result.

How TMZ writes, citing their own sources, has 50 Apparently all dime 700 Bitcoins kept for years in his account. In the meantime, the rate was still much higher, But even at the current level of around 11.000 The a total of about seven and a half million results $. 50 Cent has apparently succeeded in this odd way, from an album, that deals with the worst in his career has sold, to get the absolute maximum.

The cherry on the icing on this huge ice cream represents the following: 50 Cent declared in an Instagram comment, He must confess, that he simply forgot the Bitcoins. Actually no wonder, Finally the man as an actor is hard.

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