Kodak own Kryptowährung – Share price to 120% increased

Everything seems currently to investors, has something to do with digital money like Bitcoin, Euphoria to trigger: The US company Kodak's share price has more than doubled on Tuesday. The reason: Kodakt presented an own Kryptowährung for photographers. She should make it easier for photographers, their images to market and to protect copyrights, as the company announced on Tuesday. To the close of trading the stock at a stand up 120 Percent. Im nachbörslichen Handel kletterte sie weiter.

Kodak so benefits from the digitization. Calculated, could you say. Kodak had once shaping the development of classical photography. The company made the advance of digital photography the business break. Aus einem Insolvenzverfahren ging das US-Unternehmen schließlich als Spezialist für digitalen Druck hervor.

The price jump, the Kodak with its latest announcement has raised, is the latest example of the huge attraction, the Kryptowährungen and related technologies currently on investors. In den vergangen Wochen führte dies immer wieder zu kuriosen Entwicklungen an den Finanzmärkten.

So a US beverage named long announced iced tea island in December, its name in long Blockchain Corp. change. Blockchain is the technical basis for Bitcoin. Experts assume, that she will shape the digital world in many areas. The stock price of the beverage manufacturer, the name alone had a large effect. The value tripled immediately after the announcement. Also manufacturer of juices, Sports Bras or sofas came last on the idea, to make money with the crypto-hype. The share of U.S. furniture dealer flipped at least 38 Per cent to, After he announced, Bitcoin als Zahlungsmittel zu akzeptieren.

The financial industry also fueled the hype surrounding the digital money. First banks applying products already, with which investors can invest in Bitcoins. Also, the large US investment bank Goldman Sachs announced in December, Finanzwetten auf Bitcoins anbieten zu wollen.

Source: Süddeutsche.de

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