Steve Wozniak: 'Bitcoin is better than gold and the dollar'

Steve wozniak

Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak has positive impact to the Kryptowährung bit coin expressed. This is better than gold and the US dollar, Wozniak said at a Conference.

Wozniak Bitcoin finds better than gold and the dollar

Steve "Woz" Wozniak holds his opinion rarely behind the mountain. Usually, the Apple co-founder to new developments is expressed in the company from Cupertino - recently he let know, that the iPhone X was the first iPhone, He is immediately put to. At the Conference "money 20/20" in Las Vegas, where is discussed about the future of money and financial technologies, broke a lance for the Kryptowährung bit coin Wozniak.

The Bitcoin is better than gold and the US dollar, Wozniak said according to a report by bit news today. Other than gold, that could be mined and extracted, There is only a limited number of Bitcoins. And even if the amount of gold is also limited, so was based on non-modifiable mathematical foundations of the Bitcoin and be regulated. So-called Fiat money, however, as the US dollar or the euro, could be easily reprinted by bankers. With Bitcoins, so Wozniak, is it not possible.

Similar to already McAfee founder John McAfee had argued in the past few months. McAfee had parried mid-October also the verbal attack by JP morning Chief Jamie Dimon, the Bitcoin previously had called a 'Fraud'. McAfee told the U.S. Media TheStreet, He would instead prefer to call the US dollar as a fraud. After all it costs around 1.000 $, to a bit of coin to scratch, the dollar at all costs, however, only the paper, He will print on the.


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