Bitcoin boom! Behind Amazon?


UPDATE of the 02. November 2017:

“Until further notice Amazon bit coin will not accept as payment”, so the statement from the third quarter template. The Amazon is the only thing that probably even further fueling the rumors most 31. October 2017 3 Domains registered that has bit coin and co. suggests (“”, “” and “”).

Silicon Valley - rumors condense the Amazon bit coin also than cash would allow. This would be a milestone for Bitcoin! It remains questionable whether the deadline can be met.

The largest mail order company to offer Bitcoin Amazon plan as an additional means of payment. In the past week were some rumors in the Silicon Valley. By positive statements from the investor and start-up founder James Altucher, accessing Bitcoin other Finaz companies in the Amazon.

The well-informed plant report "Altucher Report" voiced great expectations, the Amazon balance figures this week could announce on Thursday. Thus Amazon would be accepted as means of payment the first global Corporation of the Bitcoin.

Can the date be met?

The FINTECH circles support this speculation in Silicon Valley. Even if the 26. October 2017 is not respected, is to assume that it will happen soon. For Bitcoin it would be written history, When Amazon takes on the Kryptowärhung bit coin as payment.

The people who are versed in the industry, keep the rumors for sound. I see no reason, Why Amazon Bitcoins should disallow as means of payment", says Oliver Flaskämper, Chief of Bitcoin Germany. So Amazon could position itself with Bitcoin as payment as an innovation leader. "Already now it is possible via service providers, to purchase from Amazon and to pay using Bitcoins", explains Flaskämper, He runs the largest German marketplace for Kryptowährungen.

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